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One Family's Victorious Struggle With Cancer
By Gloria Cassity Stargel

Inspirational site for survivors
         "Was glad to find an inspirational site for survivors. I am in remission.I have Adult Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Stage 4. It has been harder on my family & friends than myself. But with prayer we have made it through this round. Will be picking up your book & hope to pass it along to my Kids & grandbabies. God Bless!."

Cancer survivor ,uplifting, inspirational book
         "The Healing is a book to be read and reread. It is encouraging, uplifting and reminds us to 'give our burdens to the Lord'. During my mother's illness my dad began a ministry with The Healing because it had been such a blessing to our family. He gave the book to every family that he met that was struggling with cancer. Both of my parents have now gone to be with God, but I continue in my dad's footsteps. I encourage you to buy multiple copies and give to anyone who is struggling with illness. It will truly make a difference in their lives."
Deborah Nelson, Gainesville, Ga.

Words of inspiration, cancer self-help
        "This wonderful book is an inspiration to those faced with this challenge and also helps others to relate better to those who are. We are pleased to have Gloria's work under consideration for our book-in-progress, Chicken Soup for the Volunteer's Soul.
Tom Lagana, Wilmington, Delaware. Co-author Chicken Soup for the Prisoner's Soul and Chicken Soup for the Volunteer's Soul.

Healing testimony, cancer survivor
        "The Healing is a testimony to God's healing power, and of faith in seemingly insurmountable circumstances. Gloria Stargel shares not only her family's victorious battle with cancer, but her own struggles with insecurity and doubt. Readers will relate to this story on many levels, and will be inspired by its message of hope."
Cheryl Kirking, author of RIPPLES OF JOY: Stories of Hope and Encouragement to Share (2000 Shaw/Waterbrook Press).

Soul-lifting; inspirational story
        "Gloria, Your site is lovely and your book looks wonderful! Having lost several family members to cancer, it lifts my soul to see beauty in its wake. I am happy to award you the 'Make a Difference' award from 2theheart. Blessings."
Susan Fahncke,

Wonderful book, encouragement
        "I am delighted to have a new, extended copy of your wonderful book!"
Lois Kenyon, Georgia

Encouraging, words of inspiration
        "Soon after I started reading The Healing, my husband was told he might have a tumor in his lung. He didn't! But reading this book encouraged me that if he had, God would provide the strength we would need."
Karen Strand, Olympia, Washington, Author Escape from the Fowler's Snare.

Coping with cancer, healing miracle
        "The Healing is a wonderfully well-written book which will not depress those facing similar circumstances. You walk with Gloria as she watches her beloved husband struggle with the cancer. You sense his frustrations and fears. You see the changes the Lord makes in both of them as He takes them through and beyond a life-changing situation.
    "The Healing is a short read—I did it in two hours—not because it has little to say, but because it is so clearly, succinctly said. Gloria is a master of the first-person story, and her book shows it. Whether you face a physical cancer or any life-changing transition, The Healing will bless you and anyone you know facing change or adversity."
Roberta Rogers, New Market, Virginia Guideposts writer, Author, Is That You, Lord?

Uplifting, suspenseful
        "I couldn't put it down from the very first page. I was so glad it ended well and upbeat!"
N. Ross, Oak Ridge, TN

Healing testimony, grace of God
        "What a wonderful tribute to our Lord and Savior … (Your book reminds us ) God is always there, and sometimes we have to walk through the valleys of life in order to reach that mountain top so we can look down and know that it was by the grace of God that we made it to the top."
M. Roper, Gainesville, Georgia

Inspirational story, cancer survivor
        "Gloria Stargel's book, The Healing is a sensitive, inspirational account of how, in the midst of her husband's terminal diagnosis by his doctors, she turned to the Divine Physician. God not only completely healed her husband, Joe, but also touched and changed Gloria's life. This book confirms that a Loving Heavenly Father does, indeed, still heal today. Gloria shares her story with the integrity that expresses deep faith ...without being 'preachy'. The Healing offers reassurance that each of us is very precious to our heavenly Father."
Mary Alice Baumgardner, Author/Illustrator, Waynesboro, PA

Healing testimony, good reading
        "Great Book! Great Testimony of Faith!"
S. Casper, Gainesville, Georgia

Offers hope, cancer self-help
        "Cancer has affected nearly every family in some way, including mine. What you need when the doctor says cancer is a friend who has gone through it. Someone who can offer hope. The Healing is the story of Gloria Stargel's cancer journey and how she found hope for her husband (the cancer victim) and herself.
    "But it was a pilgrimage full of denial, defeat, and anger. Gloria's book reads like a diary of these emotions. Emotions experienced by everyone touched by cancer. At one point she wrote, 'I felt as though we lived in a phantom 'world between'—that we had been sentenced to a world inhabited only by those not fully alive and not fully dead.'
    "Yet interspersed with the despair, it is obvious that God began ministering to her, almost without her realizing it at first. Tidbits of scripture and other quotes throughout the book show the roller coaster she was riding, and the hope offered at every turn. When Gloria surrendered their situation and herself to God, an internal healing began that was no less miraculous than the physical healing experienced by her husband.
    " If cancer is a part of your life, especially in the here-and-now, you need to read The Healing. You'll feel that you have a friend, someone who's been this way, holding your hand. And like Gloria, you'll know that whatever may come, there is one Hand that will never let you go."
Jan Roadarmel Ledford, Freelance Writer

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