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The Healing - an inspirational book with a cancer survivor story

One Story My Mother Could Not Write

The last 4 days of my Mother’s life were very difficult. Her ability to speak was gone, she could not write and even hand gestures were becoming indiscernible.

On Wednesday before she passed, she was still able to communicate thru basic nods and we could understand her mouth movements somewhat.

Visits with my Dad, my brother, my wife and our son - her only grandson, were very special. She was able to mouth the words “I love you” to each of us.

Later that day when everyone had gone and her caregiver had stepped out, Mother made some gestures I could not understand, I tried and tried but just could not make out what she was attempting to communicate.

I leaned over and stared into her eyes and said “Mom, I am so sorry I just can’t make out what you are trying to say.”

I stayed there for several minutes, just looking into her eyes – she was looking right back at me. Her eyes were still bright and very alive! So we just looked at each other for a while.

As we looked at each other I knew we had done this before!

57 years earlier – I was a baby, unable to speak or communicate – and she would just looked at me as a mom with a new baby would.

I know that those looks 57 years ago and the looks just 4 days ago – the same message was being conveyed – I love you! Full, unconditional love.

Total love - from the Mom to the son she birthed and raised, and now, from the son to the Mom who would now help her as best he could transition on to Glory.

The role reversal was complete.

From 57 years ago thru all eternity, I love my Mom and she loves me.


Mom would like this story – she would love to submit it to Guidepost or one of the many other publications for which she wrote.

But this is One Story My Mother Could Not Write.

Rick Stargel, March 6th, 2013




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